New CIC exam to debut at Irrigation Show


The Irrigation Association Certification Board has updated the exam content outline for the landscape certified irrigation contractor exam, and the revised exam will launch during the 2018 Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Long Beach, California, Dec. 3-7.


Landscape professionals who become certified irrigation contractors are experienced business owners who execute irrigation projects to install, maintain and repair irrigation systems. This new CIC exam content outline was developed as a result of a job task analysis finalized in June 2018. While the exam domains have remained the same, the subdomains have expanded. More information is available in the Job Analysis Executive Summary published on the IA website (


The IA Certification Board will introduce new items for beta testing on a new form of the 150-question CIC exam. The new items will not be scored and this will not statistically alter the quality of the exam. Those who pass the exam will become certified irrigation contractors.

“This updated exam reflects the IA Certification Board’s efforts to keep IA certification exams fresh and relevant to the changing industry,” said IA CEO Deborah Hamlin, CAE, FASAE. “The IA conducts job analyses to ensure that its certification exams are legally defensible and based on what individuals within the profession do in the field and how they apply their knowledge.”

The IA Certification Board is an independent board that governs the IA certification program. Board members work closely with volunteers, industry subject-matter experts and IA staff regarding important aspects of the certification program. Last summer, the Certification Board held a strategic planning session and continue their commitment to the board’s mission to promote irrigation expertise through certification.

The Certification Candidate Handbook has also been updated with a new specification sheet and content outline for the CIC exam. Additional study references for this exam can be found online (

Individuals interested in taking the CIC exam or another IA certification exam during the Irrigation Show can visit for more information, exam schedules and to register. Taking an exam at the show requires advance registration and a separate fee; registration is required by Nov. 18.