Increased productivity at low cost of operation with Kubota L-Series tractors


The responsive hydrostatic power steering makes every job easier

Equipped with an array of features that speak directly to simplified operation, smooth performance, operator comfort and improved fuel efficiency, Kubota’s new L-Series of compact tractors – available from Smith Power Equipment – drives new levels of productivity at a very low cost of operation.     

Productivity and total cost of ownership are two key parameters of importance to every farmer when making decisions to acquire farming equipment. With its new L-Series range of compact tractors – comprising the L1361, L1421 and L1421 HST – Kubota is ticking all the right boxes for farmers looking to increase their productivity, but at reduced total cost of ownership.

Dieter Bergmann, national sales manager of Kubota in South Africa, says the L1 Series is the cost-performance leader in its class size, with workhorse features that optimise productivity. “Apart from the performance enhancement, the L-Series ushers in a new era with a host of features that maximise speed, operator comfort and efficiency, allowing jobs to be executed more easily, better and faster than with standard models,” says Bergmann.

Fuel efficiency

Fuel is probably one of the biggest costs in a mechanised farming environment. With that in mind, Kubota paid attention to increased fuel efficiency when designing the L-Series of compact tractors.

The range is powered by fuel-efficient Kubota E-TVCS engines renowned for their power and reliability. The L1 Series offers two engine options, a 42 hp motor that is ideal for most jobs, and a powerful 50 hp engine for those demanding tasks. Both engines are equipped with Kubota’s Dynamic Balancer to minimise noise and vibration.

“A major talking point is Kubota’s Three Vortex Combustion System (E-TVCS), which allows for increased airflow into the combustion chamber to produce greater power, efficiency and cleaner emissions,” explains Bergmann. The diesel engine system uses a larger displacement engine, and generates less noise and vibration.

Kubota’s new Auto Throttle Advance feature links the hydrostatic transmission pedal and the engine throttle, synchronising tractor speed and engine revolution. This greatly simplifies tractor operation and helps reduce fuel consumption.

The three models also benefit from the new IntelliPanel Display, allowing operators to keep track of key parameters, such as working gear, range selected, ground speed, PTO speed, fuel use and hours worked, all at a single glance.

Simple operation and versatility

At the heart of the L-Series’ ease of operation, which translates into greater productivity, is a comprehensive range of Kubota transmissions. Three transmissions – the HST (hydrostatic) Plus, the GST (Glide Shift Transmission) and FST (Fully Synchronised Main and Shuttle Transmission) – are available, thus increasing tractor versatility.

Kubota has enhanced the power, performance and durability of its Hydrostatic Transmission, prompting the name HST Plus. Its automated control of the HST pump and motor provides optimal performance, regardless of the task, working conditions or operator’s level of expertise.

“In addition, the new HST includes a hydraulic servo mechanism that decreases the amount of pressure required to depress the HST pedal. The mechanism creates a more responsive pedal and delivers smoother handling and more control, whatever the load size. The system also helps to reduce vibration, shock, noise and fatigue to provide a gentler ride and improved performance,” explains Bergmann.

Kubota’s GST features 24 forward and 16 reverse gears (including creep speeds) and clutch-less operation for maximum operator ease. Additionally, its electronically controlled hydraulic system allows the operator to shift on the go with exceptional response.

Kubota’s economical FST delivers 16 forward and 16 reverse gears (including creep speeds) while on the move. The smooth simplicity of its operation, responsive directional changes with the shuttle lever, and its reliability make the FST ideally suited for tillage and front loader work.

Operator comfort

Based on Kubota’s understanding that a comfortable operator is a productive one, the new L-Series comes with an array of features that enhance operator comfort. “It is not so long ago when operator comfort never played a big role in influencing buying decisions. An operator was never part of the equation as far as procurement decisions were concerned. With Kubota’s understanding that operators have a 30% influence on jobsite costs, machine designs pay a lot of attention to ergonomics,” says Bergmann.

For example, the responsive hydrostatic power steering makes every job easier. Straight lines and tight turns alike are taken smoothly, while steering remains easy and worry-free when a heavy load is applied or the front loader is used.

Less noise and vibration levels ensure operator comfort and reduce fatigue during long working hours. Interior space has been increased by approximately 20% over previous models, and glass has been extensively used to minimise blind spots for a grander view of the operator’s surroundings.

“Additionally, there are wider opening doors for easier cab entry and exit, a deluxe swivel type suspension seat, more legroom, ample headroom and abundant storage compartments to store all the operator’s necessities and manuals,” concludes Bergmann.