Elevating every meal: SPAR redefines quality in meat range


In today’s fast-paced world, where every meal is an opportunity to reconnect and savour the moment, the importance of quality ingredients cannot be overstated. The SPAR Group, understanding the crucial role that protein plays in creating memorable food experiences, is proud to offer a range of affordable high-quality cuts, ensuring that meat can stay on the dinner table.

Quality, freshness, and affordability are cornerstones of SPAR’s approach. From the moment customers enter a store, they expect nothing but the best, and SPAR is committed to delivering on that promise.

“Curating a range of quality protein solutions all begins with supplier selection. We carefully source from only certified facilities that maintain rigorous standards. These facilities are thoroughly vetted and consistently monitored, ensuring the reliability of our SPAR brand range” says Judith Gale, National Head of Marketing: Private Labels at The SPAR Group.

The SPAR Group intentionally limits suppliers to guarantee the consistency of quality and traceability of products, while regular supplier farm audits further ensure that protein products adhere to the highest international quality, health, and safety standards, reflecting SPAR’s commitment to customers.

“Selling groceries is just part of what we do. Our true goal is to create memorable moments”, continues Gale. “Part of this ethos is the belief that customers have the right to know exactly where their food comes from and the journey it takes to reach their plate. This transparency not only instils confidence in the provenance of our meat but also guarantees adherence to ethical and sustainable farming practices. Additionally, it empowers consumers to support local farmers and prioritise products from specific regions.”

Every cut of beef, lamb, chicken, ostrich, and pork under SPAR’s private label brands represents a promise of quality and transparency.

The SPAR Steak Co. brand caters to shoppers with a genuine passion for steak and prides itself on delivering only the best cuts – expertly selected and perfectly matured. The meat is sourced from one of the finest SA farms, and is a cut above the rest, enabling astute customers to showcase their expertise while indulging in their sophisticated palate preferences.

SPAR Tender & Tasty provides added convenience with a range of value-added fresh meat cuts and speciality offerings – including high-quality marinated and seasoned meats that are prepped and ready for cooking.

The Your Butcher by SPAR range offers an extensive variety of restaurant-quality cuts, all packed in-store, ensuring top-notch quality that is value for money. This brand enables customers to make meat the focal point of every meal and offers an economical choice for preparing family favourite dishes.

SPAR’s Country Value range offers customers with the ability to provide protein options for their families even when on a tight budget. It’s affordable quality at a price point that allows for meat to be included in a wide range of meals.

“At SPAR, we understand that each meal is important, and with our meat range, we’re catering to customers who want to make the most of every dining experience”, adds Gale. “Whether it’s the class-A Steak Co range, Your Butcher’s restaurant-quality or the budget-friendly Country Value range, we’re not just delivering meat; we’re delivering peace of mind”.