CIP launches AI-griculture challenge to address global challenges in agriculture


The International Potato Center (CIP), a pioneer in agricultural research, proudly announces the launch of the AI-griculture Challenge Hackathon, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address global challenges in agriculture.

The AI-griculture Challenge Hackathon is a nine-month long activity beginning today and extending through November of this year when the winners will be announced.

Unleashing AI for Global Impact:

The AI-griculture Challenge Hackathon is a call to action for innovators, scientists, data scientists and enthusiasts to use AI as a transformative force to reduce hunger, poverty, and make a lasting difference in agriculture. Aligned with the CIP2030 vision, this event is a platform to harness AI methodologies to accelerate positive change.

Participants will delve into four impactful tracks aligned to CIP’s Science Goals:

  • Biodiversity
  • Crop Improvement
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Urban Food System

All of them contributing to five CGIAR Impact Areas:

  • Climate adaptation & mitigation
  • Environmental health & biodiversity
  • Nutrition, health & food security
  • Poverty reduction, livelihoods & jobs
  • Gender equality, youth & social inclusion

The hackathon format is designed to foster global collaboration while ensuring tangible local impact. It combines remote participation with on-site engagement and seeks to create a ripple effect in agricultural communities worldwide.

Innovation and Technical Excellence will be criteria that teams will be challenged to consider creatively and propose groundbreaking solutions, emphasizing the critical role of AI in addressing agricultural challenges.

Participants can win cash prizes, certificates, implementation or scaling opportunities, internships, and invitations to future innovation panels at CIP. There will be cash prizes of $4,000 per Science Goal and one $4,000 grand prize.

Join the Movement:

The AI-griculture Challenge Hackathon is a rallying call to thinkers, innovators, and change-makers to join hands in reshaping the future of agriculture. Let’s use AI’s transformative power to create a sustainable and resilient agricultural ecosystem. Join here.