When family tradition keeps pace with modernity: Herdade do Pigeiro´s success secrets

Run by Luís Bulhão Martins, the Herdade do Pigeiro farm merges long-established family tradition with modernity alongside a rising commitment to sustainability – values shared by BKT, a key partner for the Portuguese company.


A perfect example of environment-friendly development. In the heart of the picturesque town of Alandroal in the Alentejo region, a renowned production area for fine wines in Portugal, you can find Herdade do Pigeiro, a family-owned farm that has a long history of both tradition and innovation. Herdade do Pigeiro´s extraordinary evolution is setting the way for a sustainable future in the Portuguese farming sector. It is a virtuous example that BKT, a leading multinational Off-Highway tire manufacturer, sought to recount and highlight because of the shared values portrayed.

Herdade do Pigeiro’s success began in World War II, a period in which the farm played a fundamental role in the community. The company’s generous support outreached its fields, providing actually food and meals to local residents during times of shortage for several years. Its renowned practice of free-range pig farming has thus extended beyond Portugal, successfully expanding operations in Spain, and demonstrating its commitment to providing high-quality products to the international market.

This reputation has been fostered by the implementation of innovative irrigation systems, which cover nearly 30 percent of the land and leverage precise water management by means of sensors and automated controls.

Diversification is another core aspect of the company, making the most of every plot of land to ensure that production efficiency is optimized. The focus lies on production diversity, which is crucial for food security, especially against the backdrop of a growing world population.

Facing diversity, managing daily challenges, and adapting to climate change are necessities to which Herdade do Pigeiro responds in terms of modernization, business enlargement and staff training – determining elements for profitability and maintaining a competitive advantage. However, without neglecting the impact on the environment: for Herdade do Pigeiro, sustainability is driven by technology, which has enhanced and improved their farming processes, making them more efficient with a low environmental impact, while not compromising the food production quality.

It is a path of continuous evolution, led by Luís Bulhão Martins, CEO of Herdade do Pigeiro as well as an agricultural engineering enthusiast who has worked tirelessly alongside his family for more than four decades to supervise the company’s operations and to ensure its success as we know it today. He is flanked by his son Afonso Bulhão Martins, General Manager, a source of innovation and evolution, and Bruno Pernas, Field Engineer who takes front-line experience to the fields.

This is a corporate vision that is shared by BKT, with which Herdade do Pigeiro has had an established relationship for more than five years. “We have chosen BKT tires because of their traction and load capacity. We use tires of different sizes and with different specifications, but BKT has such a wide product range that we always find the one that best suits our needs.” says Luís Bulhão Martins.  – “The tires belonging to the AGRIMAX range are those we use the most. We actually fit them on all tractors and harvesting machines, as they perfectly adapt to our conditions and circumstances.”

The main patterns in use include AGRIMAX FORCE, an ideal tire for high-power tractors and harvesters providing exceptional traction and ensuring minimal soil compaction; AGRIMAX RT 765, which is ideal  for heavy operations and harvesting providing great grip and minimal compaction; and AGRIMAX TERIS, a tire that stands out for its reliability in combined operations, providing long-lasting endurance even under challenging conditions.

BKT tires offer outstanding traction and load capacity, ensuring superior durability and hence optimized operations without downtime. In agriculture, where timeliness is critical, having chosen BKT tires results in lower costs, and zero interruptions for tire or maintenance issues.” explains Bruno Pernas.  – “Their reliability in reaching crops promptly makes a big difference in a whole farming year and has a positive effect on the final harvest.

The partnership with BKT is thus a cornerstone of the farming company’s success, representing a shared commitment to cutting-edge agricultural development, where technology supports efficient and sustainable resource management. Herdade do Pigeiro not only cultivates the land, but also has a vision: turning the job in the fields into a true-life commitment with a relentless focus on the well-being of both the environment and the community.