Warmer winters and more aggressive insects: Arrigoni’s Biorete® Air Plus screenpasses the tests for a perfect combination of protection, permeability to air and mechanical strength

The company will be exhibiting at Fruit Logistica 2024 in a new location (stand B32, hall 3.1) to illustrate all the Group’s offering.


For farming professionals, insects are becoming a more and more serious threat and also a challenge to be overcome.  

What’s more, ongoing global warming and climate change are causing hotter and hotter summers and milder and milder winters, providing insects with ideal conditions for their growth and making them larger and more aggressive. With its constant dedication to research and development and dialogue with farmers, the Arrigoni Group has tested and expanded its Biorete® range of protective screens to meet the need for unrivalled protection without sacrificing effective air circulation and mechanical toughness. For the perfect combination in insect protection with Biorete® Air Plus. 


The World Meteorological Organisation has recorded 2023 as the hottest year since 1850. The annual average global temperature approached 1.5 °C above preindustrial levels. This situation’s damaging consequences include, in general terms, conditions more favourable to the proliferation of insects, a growing threat to farmers. According to a recent study conducted by researchers from Paris-Sud University/CNRS/AgroParisTech, pests are causing damage to global agricultural worth at least 69 million Euros a year.  

This is a subject of current concern for the whole agricultural sector, also in view of the policy enforced by the European Green Deal, which envisages a constant, drastic reduction in active ingredients within pesticides.  


“Our constant dialogue with growers revealed that maintaining a high level of control over insects of various types and sizes is always a top priority,” explained Arrigoni agronomist Milena Poledica. “But that’s not all: the right air circulation is also essential to reduce temperature and humidity levels. At the same time, we also need screens of considerable mechanical strength able to withstand the stress of frequent opening and closing of windows, as many as 30 times a day, over a period of at least 3 years. Biorete® Air Plus is able to deliver all these characteristics.”


In fact, many growers have experienced problems such as failure and openings in screens after 1 or 2 years of use. Arrigoni has therefore worked on this point and developed a special yarn with leading-edge characteristics – Arlene HT®  – after years of research into different formulae and extrusion methods, followed by laboratory and greenhouse tests. “We’ve tested yarn diameters varying from 0.17 to 0.15 mm and even below,” Ms Poledica continued. “The test results constantly showed that a diameter of 0.15 mm or less significantly reduced mechanical strength and increased vulnerability to abrasion. Weathering tests in QUV climate conditions revealed lower UV resistance than the 0.17 mm yarn with the same level of UV stabilisation.
Arlene 0.17 mm thus had all the characteristics required: good mechanical strength, a high level of ventilation and effective insect control. This led to the development of the new Biorete® Air Plus range.”
This diversified range, with a wide array of hole dimension options, allows producers to target specific insects. Personalised solutions tailored to customers’ needs are available.

The Arrigoni Group’s top executives will be on hand to illustrate the benefits of Biorete® Air Plus and the Group’s entire offering at Fruit Logistica 2024, the international fruit and vegetable show to be held in Berlin from 7 to 9 February.

The company looks forward to greeting you in at prominent new location at B32, hall 3.1!