New Case IH Axial-Flow® 4000 combines launched, specifically designed for farmers in Africa and the Middle East


Case IH has launched three new Axial-Flow® 4000 Series combines, the 4077, 4088 and 4099. Meeting the specific requirements of customers in Africa and the Middle East, they make affordable, high technology harvesting available to professional farmers, contractors and machinery syndicates.

Designed in the USA, the three Axial-Flow® 4000 Series models incorporate a high level of American-made components for maximum reliability.

Compact dimensions, premium comfort and advanced features are combined with high harvesting capacity, thorough crop threshing, low grain losses, gentle grain handling and unsurpassed sample quality. These benefits are characteristic of Case IH Axial-Flow® single-rotor technology, which has become the benchmark for harvesting quality and performance since the first Axial-Flow® combines were launched in 1977.

“The 4077, 4088 and 4099 are the most productive combines in their class,” Marcin Ruppert, Case IH Marketing Manager for Africa & Middle East, states.

“Their simple design allows them to be adapted quickly to suit changing harvesting requirements, field conditions and crops, making them the perfect choice for contractors.

“Owners can move from corn, to wheat, to sorghum, to rice in hours, compared with almost two days for conventional or hybrid combines, so more time is spent harvesting and seasonal output is increased. Axial-Flow® 4000 Series combines are also very easy to use, so even operators who are new to the Axial-Flow® concept quickly learn how to harness their full potential.

All three models are powered by Efficient Power FPT Industrial 6.7-litre, six-cylinder, in-line engines which meet Tier III emission standards, are turbocharged and air-to-air after-cooled to provide proven, dependable performance in all conditions. Rated power outputs for the 4077, 4088 and 4099 models are 180hp, 210hp and 230hp at an engine speed of 2,100 rpm, with maximum power outputs of 200hp, 240hp and 260hp produced at 2,000 rpm. All engines provide excellent torque characteristics, deliver optimum fuel consumption and transmit their power through a three-speed hydrostatic transmission, with a 500-litre fuel tank featuring on all 4000 Series models.

Axial-Flow® 4000 Series combines outclass everything else on the market in terms of harvesting output and can be equipped with the latest generation Case IH headers, which are available in widths up to 6.1m or 8 rows for corn. A new lateral tilt feeder channel further extends the versatility of these combines by enabling them to handle the heaviest headers while ensuring perfect ground contour following, which is especially useful when harvesting soybeans or laid crops.

For optimum cutting performance, high capacity 2060 Series grain headers can be fitted. Available in widths of 4.57m, 5.18m and 6.10m, they feature a robust mechanical reel drive and represent state-of-the-art, proven grain header technology. Axial-Flow 4000 Series combines can also be equipped with a 6.10m 3020 flex header or 3.66m 3016 pick-up header for windrowed crops. Case IH 4400 Series corn headers offer excellent picking ability in both standing and down corn to maximise the amount of grain harvested under all conditions.

At the heart of every Axial-Flow® 4000 Series model is the legendary 610mm-diameter, 2,451mm-long Case IH Axial-Flow® rotor, which provides a total separation area of 1.23m2 and rotates at speeds from 250 rpm up to 1,150 rpm. This has been developed to optimise threshing performance in all crops and boost throughput in damp conditions, regardless of crop type or moisture content and without compromising grain or straw quality.

The grain-on-grain threshing action that the Axial-Flow® rotor provides limits grain losses through more effective separation and ensures that grain which goes into the tank is of the highest quality to generate maximum value. At 0.47%, the average cracked grain content for an Axial-Flow combine is a fraction of the 1.67% level recorded for a competitor model with a conventional threshing drum*.

All of the new models feature a Cross Flow® cleaning system which uses chevron-shaped fins to create a uniform, high volume of air, just enough to achieve the cleanest possible grain sample but minimise grain loss. Unlike conventional systems, air is distributed evenly across the underside of the sieves to eliminate air pockets, while fan speed is fully adjustable to cater for finer-seeded crops, resulting in higher cleaning capacity.

Large grain tanks feature on all models to maximise the time spent harvesting. The 4077 is fitted with a 5,000-litre grain tank and 4.1m auger which unloads at the rate of 63 l/sec, while 4088 and 4099 models have 6,000-litre and 6,500-litre grain tanks, together with 5m augers which unload at the same rate.

The integrated straw chopper, which is standard, features two rows of knives in a 2 x 14 configuration to provide optimum residue performance. The proven horizontal, twin-disc spreader with two-speed spread control evenly distributes chopped material on the field for optimum integration into the soil. Customers who wish to bale straw can specify the optional straw beater for perfect bale processing and optimum density.

To optimise their performance potential, Axial-Flow® 4000 Series combines are fitted with a spacious, comfortable cab which incorporates over 3.74m2 of glass area, providing the operator with a panoramic view and excellent visibility over the header. Operator comfort is enhanced by the A-pillar monitor, ergonomic control layout and suspended, individually adjustable seat, together with a high-capacity air filter and the standard heating/ventilation system. Air conditioning can be specified as an option to provide the ultimate in-cab environment.

All two-wheel-drive 4000 Series models are equipped with 28L-26R1W 16PR front tyres and 14.9R24 R1W 12PR rear tyres. Four-wheel-drive versions include 28L-26 R1W 16PR front and 16.9-26 R1W 12PR rear tyres, while four-wheel-drive ‘Rice’ models are fitted with 28L-26 R2 16PR front and 16.9-26 R2 12PR rear tyres.

Because of their mechanical simplicity, Axial-Flow® combines incorporate fewer moving parts than either conventional designs or more complex rotary and hybrid machines, so they are simpler to operate, more reliable and less costly to maintain. All service points on the new 4000 Series models can be reached from the ground or a single step, so routine maintenance is easier, faster, cheaper and safer than with other types of combine, resulting in more time spent harvesting and higher output potential