Multiple innovation awards for Case IH at Fieragricola 2018

Case IH2_Fieragricola Awards

Case IH was presented with four awards for technical innovation at a special ceremony at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia convention centre in Verona, Italy on the eve of Fieragricola 2018, the International Agricultural Technologies Show, in the city from 31 January to 3 February.

Decided jointly by the show’s organisers and L´Informatore Agrario magazine, the awards recognised the most technically innovative products launched in the agricultural sector during 2017. In particular, they focus on the new technology introduced by each product, its impact on farming’s environmental and economic sustainability, the improvement it brings in terms of product quality, as well as its user-friendliness from the customer’s point of view.

“Farmers throughout the world increasingly understand the benefits that new technical developments bring to their businesses in terms of enhancing productivity, improving operator comfort and reducing costs, together with the advanced technology incorporated into the latest Case IH products. All of us within the company are therefore delighted that these new technologies have been recognised through such prestigious awards,” Peter Friis, Case IH Commercial Marketing Director for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, stated.

AFS AccuTurn (Golden Prize)

The new Case IH AccuTurn system automates headland turning, taking control of the steering on headlands to guide the tractor accurately into the next chosen pass, thereby improving driver comfort when performing repetitive tasks during long working days.

Enhancing the company’s existing AccuGuide auto-steering system, AccuTurn ensures that the machine steers as accurately during headland turns as in the rest of the field. Working with both trailed and mounted implements, it allows adjustment of parameters such as headland width, curve shape when turning and turn starting point.

The distance to the start of the turn is shown on the AFS terminal screen, and the AccuTurn system takes over once the HMC II headland management control system has raised the implement out of work and disengaged the tractor’s four-wheel-drive system. Activated with an unlock code from the local Case IH dealership, AccuTurn also works with all previous AccuGuide systems using AFS 700 terminals.

Maxxum Multicontroller with ActiveDrive 8 (Golden Prize)

Case IH Maxxum Multicontroller tractors, ranging from 116hp to 145hp, are now available with ActiveDrive 8, an advanced 24×24 semi-powershift transmission with eight powershift steps in each of three ranges. Awarded Machine of the Year 2018 in the ‘Mid-Class’ category, it recently scored the highest fuel-efficiency ever recorded for four-cylinder tractor in DLG’s respected Powermix test.

Because the clutch pedal is not required, ActiveDrive 8 is suited to power-hungry tasks where maintaining momentum is critical, such as cultivations or operating large mowers. A true power shuttle, it ensures no loss of drive or traction during changes of direction on slopes, while a ‘brake to clutch’ feature improves stopping or when stacking bales with a loader.

An auto shift feature means that the tractor can be set to progress automatically through any set of eight speeds in the field, and through all 16 gears in the top two ranges on the road.

All four-cylinder Maxxum Multicontrollers share a frugal 4.5 litre engine from Case IH’s sister company FPT Industrial, and the easy-to-use Multicontroller armrest and joystick for which it is named.

Quadtrac CVX (Silver Prize)

The industry’s first articulated tracked tractor to be equipped with a continuously variable transmission, the Quadtrac CVX brings the benefits of improved fuel efficiency, ease of operation and reduced operator fatigue to the highest horsepower sector of the tractor market.

Providing stepless travel from 0-43km/h, and 0-17km/h in reverse, the new CVXDrive transmission in the Quadtrac 470, 500 and 540 CVX models, which develop maximum power outputs of 525hp, 558hp and 631hp, provides a range of significant benefits. These include ease of use, faster acceleration up to field or road speeds, reduced operator fatigue, full power availability at low ground speeds for special applications/implements, together with full hydraulic flow availability at low ground speeds for applications such as drilling and planting. This results in increased productivity, with faster cycle times and maximum fuel efficiency. The new transmission can be set to work at a particular forward speed or engine speed, the tractor’s Automatic Productivity Management software then managing the engine and transmission accordingly.

Adaptive Steering Control (Silver Prize)

The Maxxum Multicontroller can now be equipped with Adaptive Steering Control (ASC). A variable-rate steering system, ASC allows the operator to alter the ratio between the number of steering wheel turns made and the steering angle of the front wheels.

ASC enables the number of turns required to take the tractor from lock to lock to be adjusted to suit the work in hand. Through the tractor’s AFS terminal, the operator can select a desired steering ratio through three pre-set options or a custom setting.