Light stabilizers in greenhouse films

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Hostavin® NOW by Clariant is an innovative amino-ether HALS technology based on more than 20% renewable content (vegetable based). It shows a high material efficiency in production with yield close to 100 %. Hostavin NOW not only offer high UV protection, but also strong resistance to pesticides. With this technology, the hindered amines are bonded to long alkyl chains, which are evenly distributed in the plastic of the agricultural film and remain there instead of migrating, i.e., moving to the surface of the film. The resultant amino-ether HALS are stable to such an extent that they are highly resistant to aggressive pesticides. Therefore they retain their ability to neutralize free-radicals formed by UV radiation and contribute in this way to significantly longer durability of agricultural films.

Hostavin NOW is an amino-ether of the new generation with a high molecular weight and a polymer design. Thereby it is firmly embedded in the agricultural film and cannot be released into the environment or deposited on the surface of the film or the production systems. Compared to other HALS, its compatibility with polymers is improved, resulting in an easier and more even distribution in the film.


Greenhouse film without Hostavin NOW (after 1 year exposure)
Greenhouse film without Hostavin NOW (after 1 year exposure)

Agricultural films stabilized with Hostavin NOW technology meet the latest, stringent standards and demonstrate significantly higher resistance against aggressive pesticides, strong sun exposure and high temperatures compared to films produced with conventional HALS. In addition Hostavin NOW can be used as a halogen free flame retardant. Compliance with

standards – such as the CEPLA Directive for a film lifespan of three years and use of over 3,000 ppm sulfur as pesticide – not only contributes to lower environmental impact caused by agricultural films because they don’t need to be changed as often, but also saves time, water and energy during production process. Hostavin NOW has been awarded Clariant’s EcoTain® label for sustainability excellence and best in class performance. These products have undergone a systematic, in depth screening process using 36 criteria in all three sustainability dimensions: social, environmental and economic.

With its product series AddWorks® AGC based on the Hostavin NOW technology, Clariant offers individual solutions for agricultural films, that are precisely tailored to the specific needs of customers, such as contact with agrochemicals, UV light management or simply the strength of sun exposure. A typical example is AddWorks AGC 104, which filters out just specific UV wavelength range in order to allow for natural pollination by bees: Specifically UV light waves that are needed by bees for orientation and are not harmful for plants may pass through.

Greenhouse with Hostavin NOW (after 2 years exposure).