Case IH’s new, entry-level Patriot 250 Extreme sprayer is now available in Africa and the Middle East

Case IH extends its offering with the new Patriot 250 Extreme sprayer to meet the different requirements of its customers

Case IH, the global agricultural equipment leader, has introduced its new Patriot 250 Extreme sprayer to the African and Middle East markets. The 250 becomes the entry-level option in the four-model Patriot range, offering an easier step-up to self-propelled spraying for farmers who previously had to rely on tractor-pulled sprayers.

Daniel Bordabossana, Marketing Manager for Case IH Middle East and Africa, commented: “For farmers who want to maximise crop yield with self-propelled spraying that’s fast, accurate, and easy to apply, the Patriot 250 Extreme offers a new option. Larger Patriot sprayers have gained an excellent reputation in Africa, and the Patriot 250 Extreme shares their proven technologies and capabilities. We expect the Patriot 250 Extreme to be popular because of its low running costs, ease of use, and ease of maintenance.”

All models in the Patriot range have the most advanced spray technology on the market, to help farmers maximise yield potential by keeping fields clean and plants healthy. Patriots are also distinguished by their cab-forward, rear-engine layout, which contributes to best-in-class performance.

 Greater spray area and best-in-class crop adaptability for high yields

The Patriot’s cab-forward, rear-engine layout places the static weight of the cab and engine over the front and rear axles, with the dynamic weight of the chemical tank located in the centre of the machine. This means there’s more equal weight distribution between the axles when the tank is full and the booms are out. As a result, the Patriot has exceptionally good stability, which improves safety and comfort, and a light footprint, which reduces rutting and soil compaction. The rear-engine also allows for a small hood, which improves out-of-cab visibility.

Another feature which aids the Patriot’s stability, as well as giving a smooth ride across fields, is the aircraft-style trailing link suspension. This absorbs both vertical and lateral shock loads in ways no other suspension package can. Additional protection from field loads is provided by the machine’s heavy-duty, low-deflection frame, made of rigid one-piece rectangular steel tubing, which also provides a stable attachment point for the sprayer’s booms.

The Patriot’s booms are constructed of rectangular tube in a truss-style design, with few but large support-members for strength and durability. Right and left booms are independent, with a total span of 27 metres. This long reach allows for fewer passes and a greater sprayed area, resulting in higher crop yield, reduced component wear, and lower fuel consumption. In the Patriot 250 Extreme, boom height can be varied from 60 to 220 cm. The AutoBoom automatic boom height control maintains optimum spray height for better coverage and the AccuGuide automated guidance system helps reduce skips and overlaps. The booms are fed by a 2,500-litre solution tank and a 280-litre rinse tank, with a 36.5-litre chemical eductor.

The Patriot 250’s 1.7 metre-high chassis affords best-in-class ground clearance of 1.6 metres, making it possible to work in taller crops. For the flexibility needed when spraying different crops, the Patriot 250’s wheel track can be varied from 250 to 305 cm, with hydraulic adjustment made easily via a control in the cab. Optionally-available crop shields can easily be installed to split crops in fields that don’t have true rows to make passes in, or in fields of row crops that have canopied-over.

The Patriot 250 Extreme is powered by a strong and proven FPT 4.5-litre in-line four-cylinder engine. With common rail injection and a turbo intercooler, this makes 165 horsepower. To put all of this power to good use, traction assist for the 4×4 hydraulic transmission is standard. The other, larger Patriot models have engines displacing 6.7- and 8.7-litres and produce 220 to 325 hp. Additionally, the Sprayers comes as standard with full AFS AccuGuide for controlled traffic.

To minimise downtime with the Patriot 250 Extreme, and to encourage normal maintenance precautions even when working to tight deadlines, essential routine maintenance items are located on one side of the machine. There is easy access to components under the sprayer frame and there are ladders, walkways and platforms to make it easy to reach service points higher up.

The Patriot 250 Extreme sprayer is shipped to Africa from Case IH’s factory in Piracicaba, Brazil. This world-class, 12,000 square-metre facility also produces planters, coffee harvesters, and sugarcane harvesters, and exports to five continents.