BI, Gondolier collaborate on Jonnesway toolbox for farmers


Such is the relationship between leading distributor Bearings International (BI) and Gondolier, importer of Jonnesway Professional Tools, that the two companies have collaborated on a toolbox aimed at the specific requirements of the agricultural industry.

This comprehensive toolbox, containing Jonnesway Professional Tools selected by farmers for farmers, was unveiled officially at Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day from 15 to 18 May 2018 at Bothaville in the Free State. It has subsequently become a key offering under BI’s Agri-Smart banner for integrated solutions for the agricultural industry, Product Manager Hilton Woest comments.

The toolbox features spanners, screwdrivers, an electric current testing pen, pliers, punches, files, a hacksaw with spare blades, and a large hammer, all contained in a compact and sturdy case that can fit comfortably behind the seat of any bakkie.

Gondolier Media and Events Co-ordinator Christie Brill highlights the successful eight-year partnership with BI. “We have an exclusive Jonnesway distribution network across the entire sub-Saharan Africa region, and have appointed Jonnesway distribution partner BI to focus on the industrial, agricultural, and manufacturing markets. Apart from BI’s local network, which covers all the major farming communities, it also has an extensive footprint in Africa.”

A large range from Jonnesway’s international catalogue is being used in Africa. “Jonnesway Professional Tools is developing constantly, which allows us to specialise in customised toolkits, working together with BI to ensure that we provide our customers with complete solutions.”

This is where the idea came about to develop a special toolbox for the farming community in particular. “We have pursued an important particular objective: providing customers with the right quality and right selection of tools, which has a massive impact on time, productivity, and ultimately profitability,” Brill highlights.

BI’s reputation of distributing top international brands made Jonnesway Professional Tools a perfect fit in its stable, Offer Marketing Manager Victor Strobel stresses. “Our ongoing success is built on our association with top-quality brands, of which Jonnesway Professional Tools is one. Within each of our product families in the BI stable, we strive to offer the customer the right product, at the right price.”

What continues to give Jonnesway the leading edge in the marketplace is that it provides high-quality professional tools at a competitive price. Here Woest highlights the Jonnesway Black Edition, billed as ‘the ultimate range.’ These include the 196 piece six-drawer tool top chest, a 62-piece tool chest set, and a 253-piece tool trolley.

In terms of future developments, Strobel highlights that BI will strive to integrate Jonnesway Professional Tools even further with its existing product range. “This is what we refer to as bundling, where we might bundle specific Jonnesway tools with specific products like bearings, couplings, and seals, for example.”

Another example of the proactive partnership between BI and Jonnesway Professional Tools are the continuous developments for both customers and distributors to have access to select portals to view information about used-with items, promotional notifications, and in-depth product information such as exploded-view diagrams.

Woest adds that BI will continue to foster its long-standing relationship with Jonnesway by means of flexible stock checks, which means identifying the fastest-moving items, and ensuring adequate stockholding countrywide, or identifying any gaps in the product line-up that need to be filled. “Our aim is always to be able to provide our customers with an optimal solution tailored to their specific needs.”

Brill concludes that Jonnesway Professional Tools ensures that its products are kept on the cutting edge of technology through constant research and development. Jonnesway meets strict international standards, many exceeding the requirements set by DIN and ANSI, the European and American bureaus of standards, as they physically test all of their tools. Combined with the industry expertise and distribution network of BI, customers are assured of a winning combination.