Shamrock Handling Concepts – Agrimac 4×4 all-terrain forklift trucks for efficient operation in harsh operating conditions

Typical applications are in agriculture and forestry, mining, industrial sites, building and construction, as well as outdoor warehousing and military applications.

Shamrock Handling Concepts has extended its range of specialist forklift trucks. Agrimac all-terrain 4×4 forklift trucks have been designed for efficient operation, enhanced safety and low maintenance in diverse sectors. Typical applications are in agriculture and forestry, mining, industrial sites, building and construction, as well as outdoor warehousing and military applications.

“The main advantage of these tough off-road forklift trucks is one machine has the capability to move stock in all environments, without the need for the use of other vehicles. For example, one Agrimac forklift truck is able to move stock from a yard or field, safely to a warehouse,” says Marius Schutte, divisional managing director, Shamrock Handling Concepts, part of the Capital Equipment Group (CEG) of Invicta Holdings Limited. “Our Agrimac range – which encompasses TH-160, TH-210, TH-250 TH-300, TH-300 and TH-350 machines – is able to drive on rough, unpaved surfaces, where conventional vehicles are unable to travel.

“These 4×4 forklifts are fitted with large heavy-duty pneumatic tyres, which add stability and traction when operating in wet conditions and on uneven terrain. Another advantage of 4×4 forklift trucks over conventional forklifts for outdoor operation, is they have a high axle centre, ensuring good ground clearance, without damaging the under-carriage.

“Another important feature is the simple design of each machine. Because minimal electronics are used, the likelihood of electronic malfunctions is reduced, operation is easier and there are fewer replacement components.

“Agrimac forklifts have also been designed for enhanced operator safety and comfort and a specially-designed tilting cab provides easy access to components for effortless maintenance. Optional features – including various lift masts and attachment accessories – enable users to efficiently meet specific handling tasks in all industries.”

The Agrimac TH-160 forklift series, with a 23,5 kW power rating, a water cooled 3-cylinder engine and 1 600 kg load capacity, has a fully hydrostatic two-speed engine and variable pump flow. Changes from forward to reverse travel and from fast to slow speeds are easily controlled by an electrical switch. Progressive travel speeds are from 0 to 9 km/h when slow and 0 to 21 km/h when fast. A slow-approaching system is facilitated by an inching pedal.

The TH-210 machine, with a 31,7 kW power rating and a 4-cylinder water engine, provides constant traction on four wheel drive, with a security clutch and electro-hydraulic disconnection on the rear traction.

The TH-250 forklift truck has been designed for constant traction on the front axle in two-wheel drive and constant traction on four-wheel drive, with electro-hydraulic disconnection on the rear wheels. This machine, with a 44 kW power rating and 2 500 kg lift capacity, has a 4-cylinder air or water cooled engine and a double brake service system.

The TH-300 44 kW forklift series, with a 3 000 kg load capacity, achieves progressive automatic travel speeds up to 25 km/hour. This machine is fitted with an automatic torque regulator and an electrical switch to control forward and reverse motion. The hydrostatic steering system has a double body pump and an independent circuit. Standard equipment includes a duplex mast, lateral off-set and 1,2 m forks. Optional features consist of duplex and triple masts up to 6 m, various fork measurements and a 500 litre loading shovel, as well as sweepers and cabins.

The TH-350 47,5 kW machine offers a 3 500 kg lifting capacity and travel speeds up to 23 km/hour, with an inching pedal and constant traction on four-wheel drive, with electro-hydraulic disconnection. This forklift truck has an external turning radius of 4 150 mm and an internal turning radius of 1 750 mm.

Apart from the supply of new and refurbished Agrimac forklift trucks, Shamrock Handling Concepts, also offers a rental option, which is supported by maintenance contracts.

The company offers a full range of Agrimac spares and provides a technical support and repair service throughout the country.

Shamrock Handling Concepts is also the sole distributor of Moffett truck mounted forklifts and supplies other leading brands, including TCM, Combilift and Aisle-Master forklift trucks.