Petlas showcases its broad product range at the world’s biggest Agriculture trade fair


The leading turkish tire manufacturer Petlas is more than ready for the challenges this year’s edition of the Agritechnica Exhibition raises. The 7-day event has been shaping the future of agricultural operations by exhibiting the trend-setting new ideas and innovations for more than 3 decades and Petlas will be there once again to showcase a large selection of its product lines designed and developed for a wide range of operations and vehicles. Known as the “main event” for agricultural operators, the trade fair brings 2850 exhibitors together with more than 450 thounsand visitors from 130 countries

“It is still exciting to be here in this venue for our fourth appereance in Agritechnica” says Oguz Ay, International Sales & Marketing Director of Petlas “and we are willing to introduce our capability and enthusiasm to offer perfect solutions for every need and demand that tomorrow’s sustainable agricultural production trends create.”

The company features a selection of some of its best solutions for agricultural production and industrial operations along with truck and bus tires developed for highway, regional and off the road use.


PT-TRAC, the game-changer innovative tire that has been anchoring the booths of Petlas at previous exhibitions held throughout 2019 will once again be the star of the stand. The new tire offers the benefits of the paradigm-shifting CupWheel technology. With its innovative approach to creating highest quality agricultural tires, the company aims to contribute to the profits of producers by helping them decrease fuel consumption and protect their precious investments and thus, become one of the pioneer companies that shape the future of the industry.


Two different patterns from the radial agricultural tire line of Petlas will also be available in the company’s booth. Enginereed to match the dynamic characteristics of today’s high power tractors, these tires have a fine reputation on transferring the whole power and potential of the vehicles to the ground without compromising from long term yield and fuel efficiency. Both patterns, the latter of which also has Improved Flexion (IF) options, offer ultimate durability and demonstrate excellent self-cleaning features. The radial agricultural tire family of Petlas proudly offers tires for various operations and vehicles along with two additional patterns that are not being exhibited in the booth:  TA120 which is designed for row crop operations and sprayers and TA130 Agroper which is developed for harvesters.

As a result of the continuous development approach of the company, the radial tractor tire family is constantly being expanded with the additions of new sizes and upgraded with the improvements in load capacities of existing sizes.


Petlas booth hosts not only agricultural tires but also four powerful members of the company’s truck & bus radial tires family.

The long haul TBR tire line of Petlas offers extended mileage with trouble-free and economic kilometers. The low rolling resistance ratings of the tires translate to maximum fuel efficiency. While SH100 pattern provides precise handling for especially steer axles, RH100 pattern is designed for the drive axles to transfer the whole vehicle power to the road safely and effectively, offering perfect acceleration and braking grip. NZ300  pattern on the other hand, offers a stable drive for trailers that carry excessive amount of loads. With the help of the special compound mixture, these patterns avoid uneven wear which in turn, helps the tires keep their excellent features and quality during their whole service life. The strong carcass structure of each of these patterns enable them all to be retreaded multiple times, which means the tires can serve perfectly even after their initial service life is over.


RM905, another TBR tire to be displayed on Petlas booth offers perfect traction and a balanced drive on all types of terrains. Designed to be used on all axles in the most extreme working conditions, this tire provides excellent self-cleaning feature by effectively discharging water and mud with its carefully arranged grooves and avoiding pebble penetration with the stone-ejecters located inside these channels. The strong carcass and special compound mixture ensure perfect durability towards tough working conditions and high resistance against cuts and wear.


PtxND31, Petlas’ R4 tire designed for agro-industrial operations will also be available at Agritechnica to represent the company’s OTR tire range. The pattern offers strength and durability for all digging and loading operations on vehicles such as telehandlers, compact loaders and backhoe loaders with its radial casing and steel belted construction. The directional tread pattern not only provides excellent traction, but also ensures high load capacity and long service life.

In short, the enormously wide tire range of Petlas, “one of the broadest that exists in the industry” as the company claims, will be highlighted at Hall 3, booth C16 in Hannover, Germany until Saturday.