Over 2000 olive trees planted at Mardouw- A tree for every Verder Group employee


Mardouw Olive Estate, the producer of most award-winning Olive Oils of South Africa, hosted a ceremony on Saturday May 18, 2024 with the Verder Group.

Richard Hattersley, the Managing Director of Verder Scientific SA, did the opening ceremony on behalf of the Verder Group together with the CEO of Mardouw, Gerbrand Nijman. Mayor Schalk van Eden was also present at the ceremony. Also Nina Verder was present on behalf of the Verder family.

The Verder Group is global technology leader in special niche markets with own presence in approximately 25 countries. The Verder Group also has presence in South Africa with a company providing leading-edge research and quality control equipment and one providing advanced hygienic and industrial pumping solutions. The Verder Group has placed a strong emphasis on embracing its environmental and social responsibilities and has chosen to manifest this also in South Africa. Mardouw, South Africa’s producer of the most award winning Olive Oils of the country, is proud to be chosen as Verder’s partner. In today’s event we celebrate that Mardouw was assigned to plant over 2,000 olive trees for every employee of the Verder Group.

Richard: “In partnership with Mardouw Olive Estate, South Africa’s premier producer of olive oils, we’ve undertaken a project that symbolizes our dedication to reducing our ecological footprint. We’ve planted an olive tree for each and every one of our employees. Today we have 2,000 employees, but we already planted some extra as the Verder Group is a successful and expanding group of companies. This gesture not only reflects our commitment to sustainability but also our belief in collective action for the greater good.

Together, we are taking small but meaningful steps towards making the world a healthier, safer, and more sustainable place for future generations. That is what we call “enabling progress” at the Verder Group.”

Gerbrand: “At Mardouw we have high standards of quality. This has been recognized around the world with platinum and gold awards in Europe, USA and South America. And we have been the proud winner of most SA Olive awards the last two years. It is an honour to support the Verder Group and work together for a better world. We welcome these more than 2,000 trees and they are now part of our fantastic farm. We will take good care of them so we will be able to make superior quality Olive Oils from these trees as well as contribute to the environment”.