Nampo Harvest Day, South Africa’s mega agricultural show ends with about 100,000 visitors in attendance


Nampo Harvest Day 2024, the biggest agricultural show in South Africa has ended with a high record of about 100,000 people in attendance.

The event which come to a close on Friday has successfully went down despite effects of droughts that heavily hindered farmers’ earnings.

According to Dirk Strydom, the marketing lead for Nampo, the networks that were maintained and built at Nampo was a vital part of the show’s success, since it ensured future sales for the exhibitors as well.

He noted that there was some positivity among Nampo-goers with difficult conversations being had in very productive manners.

“We’re observing a positive trend where issues are being addressed constructively, with a focus on finding solutions rather than assigning blame. This is promising for agriculture, as it’s essential to progress by addressing and resolving problems rather than simply lamenting them,” said Strydom.

Youth involvement

Another noticeable trend witnessed at Nampo this year was the significant presence of young farmers.

This, according to some exhibitors, is a clear uptick in youth interest in agriculture, dispelling the outdated notion that the younger generation lacks enthusiasm for the field.

“This year, Nampo saw hundreds of students visiting, each with a fresh perspective on farming. They’re poised to introduce solutions that the older generations haven’t even considered yet,” Said one of the exhibitors.

Hence, industry stakeholders must ensure they have solutions tailored to the distinct needs of this new generation of farmers, which differ significantly from those of previous generations.

“We can’t rely on one-size-fits-all solutions anymore; these younger farmers are approaching things differently, and the strategies of the past are no longer sufficient for them.”

Farmers’ resilience

With nearly 100,000 attendees over four days, Nampo once again demonstrates the resilience of South Africa’s farmers, who remain optimistic despite challenges.

The emergence of a new generation of farmers at the event indicates that South Africa’s agricultural sector is poised to thrive for generations to come.