Hygiena rapid micro food testing


National Separations (NATSEP) offers a diverse range of Hygiena diagnostic and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) solutions to assist analytical laboratories with their food safety and quality programs.

Environmental ATP monitoring

Continuous testing is vital throughout the food production process to prevent contamination. We offer reliable and rapid testing products for various contaminants, to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) bioluminescence is widely adopted as the industry standard for rapid environmental monitoring. The smart EnSURE® Touch luminometer system and SureTrend data analysis program ensure surface and water cleanliness verification, as well as indicator organism and enzyme residue testing.  Food allergen testing products focus on cleaning verification processes at manufacturing and processing sites.

Food pathogen testing

Foodproof® assay kits when used with the powerful line of PCR cyclers easily detect small organism numbers with a low level of DNA.  This prevents contaminated food from being released and reduces the risk of product recalls. Kits provide validated methods and protocols to ensure faster detection and quantification for many applications and matrices.  The intuitive software employs precise algorithms for result analysis and interpretation.  Additionally, the kits are compatible with a range of PCR cyclers, facilitating seamless integration into existing PCR laboratories.

Unified data management and insights

Our approach stands out with the integration of SureTrend® software for data analysis across the entire value chain. This platform offers unmatched insights and traceability, connecting data points for a comprehensive overview of food safety and quality.  The SureTrend platform simplifies complex data, enabling strategic actions and ensuring sustainability and safety at every stage.