Case IH demonstrates new 2000 Series Early Riser® planter at Annual Farmers Day in South Africa


Case IH distributor Northmec and Cairo Group hosted the Annual Farmers Day in Koppies Free State on August 15. The event attracted more than 500 farmers from across South Africa to Farm Cairo in Heilbron District for a day of product presentations, demonstrations and test-drives. Johan Van Der Merwe, Managing Director of Northmec and Jaap Van Der Westhuizen, Dealer Principal at Cairo Group opened the proceedings, welcoming the guests and outlining the activities of the day.

The main attraction of the Annual Farmers Day was the new Case IH 2000 Series Early Riser® planter, which delivers precise placement with extreme accuracy across all terrains, crop types and speeds for faster, more uniform emergence. It is designed for modern seed types, treatments, populations and conditions. The new planter can be easily customized to a range of soil types, terrain, fertilizer and chemical application needs, and various crop residue management practices.

The event’s participants were able to see an Early Riser 2150 24 row planter in action in a live demonstration, and have a close look at a 12 row model that was on display in a covered area. They also heard a first-hand account of the benefits of the Early Riser 2150 planter from Case IH customer Brink Bosman, who took delivery of a 24 row model in 2017 for his farm in Zimbabwe. B Bosman Farms needed a simple, robust and reliable planter that would ensure accurate seed placement and a perfect seed stand. Their requirements included self-diagnostics, different options for particular planting conditions and good backup from their dealer.

Mr Bosman had high expectations of the new Early Riser 2150 planter based on this product family’s reputation for early, uniform emergence and high yields: “We farm 1,110 ha, of which 150 ha dryland on maize and soybeans, and 950 ha on winter wheat, and we have a small window of just 10 days between summer harvest and winter wheat planting, so having the right planter is critical. The Early Riser 2150 exceeded our expectations. We completed the planting operation smoothly and without a hitch, and the results are testament to the high standards of the planter. Just to make a couple of examples, we had 100% maize emergence and germination and perfect stand in our maize crops, which has led to high yields.”

Case IH also showcased its extensive tractor offering at the Annual Farmers Day, with displays and demonstrations of models ranging from the 75 hp JXT 75 utility tractor ideally suited for light cultivation, grassland or speciality crops all the way up to the mighty 600 hp tracked Quadtrac 600. They also included the 125 hp Maxxum 125 high-productivity multi-tasking tractor and the Puma, which delivers high efficiency in primary tillage, cultivation, drilling and transport. Also at the event was the Magnum, the tough row crop range that offers the ultimate mix of industry-leading horsepower and fuel efficiency, which was represented by a wheeled 340 hp model and the tracked Magnum 380 RowTrac featuring Case IH’s CVT state-of-the-art Continuously Variable Transmission.

Completing the display were Case IH sprayers, including the new Patriot 250 Extreme, which provides an entry-level option for farmers to step up from tractor-pulled to self-propelled spraying, and is proving popular because of its low running costs, ease of use, and ease of maintenance.

The Annual Farmers Day took place in one of the sites of Cairo Farms, which plants more than 15,000 ha of grain per year in farms that span a wide geographic area throughout South Africa. The event benefited from the expertise of Northmec’s product specialists as well as the equipment knowledge of Cairo Mechanisation’s team and first-hand agricultural experience of Cairo Farm’s hosts.

Jaap Van Der Westhuizen, Dealer Principal at Cairo Group explains: “At Cairo Farms we utilise the most advanced precision farming and mechanisation practices. This is critical in the face of food safety becoming an increasingly pressing issue. Hosting the Annual Farmers Day enables us to share our know-how and promote efficient farming practices that rely on well planned mechanisation.”

As the Annual Farmers Day came to a close, Johan Van Der Merwe of Northmec pronounced himself very pleased with its success: “This type of event provides us with an invaluable opportunity to spend time with our customers, and show them first-hand what our equipment can do for their farms through presentations and demonstrations. They greatly appreciate being able to operate the machines and go into the details with our product specialists. This year, as in previous editions, the Annual Farmers Day was very well attended and the machines that were featured attracted a lot of interest from our customers.”