Case IH and South Africa distributor NORTHMEC highlight latest farm equipment and technologies at NAMPO 2019


Long-term Case IH distributor NORTHMEC celebrated 150th anniversary at NAMPO 2019 / Launch of AGXTEND SoilXplorer soil sensor/mapper was a highlight / New developments for Early Riser® planters demonstrated / Latest Case IH models attracted the crowds.

Case IH, a brand of CNH Industrial, and NORTHMEC, its long-standing distribution partner in South Africa, chose NAMPO 2019 (14 to 17 May) to highlight the strong relationship between the two businesses, together with a range of new equipment and state-of-the-art technologies.

Their exhibit included a range of Case IH equipment and state-of-the-art technologies. In addition to the new Case IH SoilXplorer sensor/mapper and latest Early Riser® 2000 high-precision planter, it also featured 140 and 240 Series Axial Flow® combines, a full range of tractors from the JXT to the flagship Quadtrac 600, together with Patriot 250 and 3230 sprayers.

Organized by Grain South Africa, the event at Nampo Park near Bothaville is the country’s premiere agricultural exhibition, as well as being the largest agricultural machinery/livestock show in the southern hemisphere.

“NAMPO 2019 was a great success for both companies, which have enjoyed a very successful and long-standing partnership over the last 30 years, during which time Case IH has become a leading brand in South Africa,” states Jaco Prinsloo, Case IH Product Marketing. “NORTHMEC, our distributor for South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia, has developed market-leading levels of sales, service and support which benefit customers across many Case IH product lines and has contributed to our continuous strong growth in this region.”

For NORTHMEC, the event was a celebration of its 150th anniversary. Established in 1869, the company is a division of the Capital Equipment Group (CEG), which in turn is 100% owned by Invicta Holdings, which is listed on the JHB stock exchange and the only company to feature in the Top 100 throughout the last 21 years.

NORTHMEC imports and distributes agricultural equipment, predominantly in grain producing areas, through an extensive network of 13 branches and 37 dealers, together with one subsidiary (shareholding) in Zimbabwe. It sells and supports an extensive range of Case IH products, including Axial Flow® combines, grain and corn headers, windrowers, tractors from the 60hp/36kW JX45T Compact to flagship 600hp/447kW Steiger 600 and Quadtrac 600 models, together with Patriot self-propelled sprayers, LB Series big pack square balers and Tiger-Mate® 200, Ecolo Tiger and True Tandem™ tillage equipment.

One of the highlights of NAMPO 2019 for NORTHMEC was the latest addition to its technology offering, the new Case IH SoilXplorer sensor/mapper. This forms part of the innovative AGXTEND range of precision farming technologies which complement Case IH’s existing Advanced Farming System (AFS) products and will eventually include a full range of precision solutions and connected services. Helping farmers refine their field and crop management while improving returns on precision farming equipment investment, each component of the AGXTEND range is designed to aid decision making, improve the efficiency and accuracy with which inputs are used and make the most of measured data.

SoilXplorer is a contactless soil sensor which uses electromagnetism to measure soil conductivity at four different soil depths: 0-25cm, 15-60cm, 55-95cm, 85-115cm. Working independently of weather conditions and vegetation, the unit is light, easy to handle, can be mounted on a tractor’s front linkage and has two key functions.

Firstly, it can be used for mapping fields, to record soil heterogeneity, determine soil type and relative water content, the information it gathers being stored in field maps, with SoilXplorer SXTS software included in the package. Secondly, it provides information on the presence and depth of compacted areas, thereby allowing variable depth soil cultivation to be practiced with compatible equipment. Working at full depth only where necessary saves fuel and wearing metal, while promoting continuous improvements in soil structure.

Case IH also displayed the latest Early Riser® 2000 high-precision planter lineup, which was the first to factory-integrate industry-leading seed placement technologies from Precision Planting® into a completely new system featuring a best-in-class, all-new, rugged row unit.

Designed for modern seed types, treatments, populations and conditions, the Early Riser is not only extremely accurate, but also robust enough to deliver precise seed placement across all terrains, soil tyres, crops and speeds for faster, more uniform emergence. It can be easily customized to a range of operating environments, fertilizer/chemical application needs and varying crop residue management practices, while the streamlined design and tool-free crop changes and adjustments result in simpler maintenance.

Before being launched in 2018 Early Riser planters were tested rigorously by Case IH customers throughout South Africa. The tests revealed that the very accurate seed placement which they delivered resulted in crops emerging one to three days earlier than with other planter row units. The Early Riser was tested in different conditions and in every case stood out from competition. In dry soil with very little or no moisture, it consistently delivered accurate, uniform planting, while in extremely wet conditions, the gauge wheels did not get plugged with mud. The planter exceeded dealers’ and customers’ expectations.

Case IH has now expanded the capabilities of its Early Riser planter lineup for 2019. New layers of high-definition (HD) data are available through the Climate Corporation FieldView® Cab app with FieldView Drive® technology that meets the high-tech needs of producers to help them make informed agronomic decisions. The new setup removes the need to purchase a display exclusively for FieldView and allows for row-by-row data visualization, mapping, autoguidance line sharing and more. It is available for producers who operate a 2000 Series Early Riser planter paired with a Case IH tractor that is equipped with Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) AccuGuide™ autoguidance system, comprising the NavII/III controller, AFS 372 receiver and AFS Pro 700 display.

The new technology enables the singulation and liquid fertilizer layers to be visualized directly from the planter to the FieldView Cab app. With compatible equipment and a FieldView subscription, all that a producer needs to do is to plug the FieldView Drive hardware into the Case IH AFS Pro 700 display and start planting.

Standard map layers include hybrid variety, population and planting speed data. Additional map layers available for 2000 series Early Riser planters include singulation, spacing, DeltaForce® hydraulic down force, liquid fertilizer and granular chemical layers, making Case IH the first original equipment manufacturer to deliver liquid fertilizer and granular chemical data layers to the FieldView® app. Data is stored to the producer’s FieldView cloud account, allowing for easy access and management. This provides a great solution for maximizing time in the field by optimizing row-by-row planter settings, and for making more informed decisions throughout the season.