Angolan President approves US $200m to solve structuring problems from recent drought


The President of Angola João Lourenço, has approved a total of US $200m for purposes of solving structuring problems that was caused by the recent drought that ravaged one of the provinces in the country. Cunene province.

President Lourenco, after signing an order, gave a directive that corresponding sectors immediately trigger the procedures for contracting, by public tender, the services for the construction of a set of works for that purpose.

More specifically, the President of the Republic has directed the construction of a water transfer system from the Cunene River. The water transfer system is projected to depart from Cafu to Shana, in the areas of Cuamato and Namacunde.

According to the press secretary of the president, the work is estimated in Kwanzas equivalent of USD 80 million. Moreover, a second project will be the construction of a dam in the town of Calucuve and its associated channel. The latter is projected to cost an estimated US $60m dollars, in its correspondent in national currency and Forex Hour