The Agrishow is a driving force behind innovations: President Fransisco Matturro


The Agrishow is a “driving force behind innovations, an engine for success and a marketplace”, said Matturro during an interview with Farmers Review Africa in Brazil yesterday. Francisco Matturro is one of the founding members of the Agrishow.

The Agrishow mandate is to gather new technology under one roof, exchange information and is a point of convergence for everyone throughout the farming world.

“The show presents the highest concentration of innovations—making your visit an event to remember, and we expect a 10% increase in this year’s attendance. The amount of technology exhibited strike the most”, he said

The Agrishow taking place from the 29th of April to 3rd of May is the largest and most complete agricultural technology show in Latin America and the third in the world, and this year it celebrates 25 years of excellence

Besides the contribution of carrying innovations, new technologies and to improve field handlings techniques, Agrishow also plays an important role developing the sector, by providing a prosperous environment for business and, especially, to stimulate the discloser of actions and claims that boost agribusiness evolution in the country.

“In 2018, the Agrishow, had approximately R$2,7 billion (about R9,6 billion) worth of transactions and this figure is expected to reach 3+ Billion in 2019”, said Matturro.

According to FNP Economic studies, Brazil possesses approximately 251 million hectares of arable land, of which 66 million (26%) is allocated to crops, and 185 million hectares (74%) are used for pastures. Added to these, the country counts on regular rainfall, abundant solar energy and nearly 12% of all fresh water available on Earth, having excellent conditions for the development of agribusiness, which is currently one of the main drivers of the Brazilian economy.

During his opening address, President Matturro, emphasised on the need for more resources for funding and investments for agribusiness, with lower interest rates. He pointed that interest rates are above the inflation and the basic interest rate, and that many old contracts still pay 14.25% interest per year, and proposed reforms of Social Security, Tax and Politics. as a remedy.

The opening ceremony took place in Ribeirão Preto (SP) and was attended by the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

“87 % of the population of Brazil lives in the city, and agriculture is an important industry in Brazil, The Brazilian agricultural sector is optimistic with the new government”, notes Matturro.

This year, the show host about 800 brands covering all of Brazil’s agricultural industries, with equipment and machinery solutions for smallholders, mega farmers and everyone in between.

Matturro said that their future plans is to have the Agrishow incorporating the whole agricultural chain. “Come here at the show and get the technology and machinery needed” was Matturro’s final message to the attendees.

Today, Brazil is an important global producer and exporter of agricultural products. It is the world’s largest producer of orange juice, coffee and sugar, and the second largest producer of soybean.