IFAD’s new monthly podcast brings the voice of farmers in developing countries to the table


Designed to be ‘Good for You, Good for the Planet and Good for Farmers’, IFAD’s new podcast series raises awareness on the challenges smallholder farmers face, highlighting the need to invest more in solutions focused on women and young people, environmental protection and better nutrition in the context of a changing climate.

Farms. Food. Future. Features interviews with leading experts, partners and donors, celebrities and, of course, the farmers themselves.

It promotes the power of smallholder farmers as a force for change.

Farms. Food. Future. Captures IFAD’s innovative work across the developing world which ensures food security and a sustainable future for millions of rural farmers.

Tune into the first episode for a discussion on why the COP25 negotiations in Madrid are important for farmers, with IFAD’s climate change expert Romina Cavitassi.

Michelin-starred Italian chef Cristina Bowerman speaks about her passion for cooking and why she believes farmers are well-placed to save the planet.

Also featured is an award-winning project in Malawi, where women are leading the way to create a thriving farming sector against the backdrop of increasingly severe weather. And there is fresh news from the Himalayas, where new climate change adaptation techniques in Bhutan are helping farmers sustainably improve their family’s food security.

An additional interview on the importance of COP25 for smallholder farmers is available in French, featuring IFAD climate change expert Sebastian Subsol.

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For more information go to www.ifad.org/podcast or email podcast@ifad.org.