Shell reaffirms its commitment to the agri sector

Farmers and the farming industry are an important factor in the revitalisation of the South African economy

An integral part of South Africa’s economy, the agricultural sector is one which Shell sees as a fundamental part of its future plans, enabling the farmer to support themselves, their communities, and the nation as a whole.

Speaking at Shell House at NAMPO 2018, Anton Niemann, General Manager Lubricants Sales at Shell Downstream South Africa, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the farming community, re-establishing the fact that the sector is in fact the lifeblood of the South African economy.

“The farming community not only adds sustenance to our economy but our lives as well, and it is therefore important for Shell as we have done for the past 113 years in South Africa, to ensure that the farmers are supported as best we can, offering them the optimal products for them to be as productive as possible,” he comments. “The success of the sector has an immense spill-over effect to the rest of the country, and it’s important to recognise the important work our farmers do.”

A firm believer in that a transformed farming sector is a key element in the revitalisation of the South African economy, Niemann expands his thinking by discussing the revitalisation of rural towns and communities, explaining how with the increase in farming activities and demand, these regions will be enriched and begin to thrive.

He continues by discussing Shell’s longstanding presence exceeding a century in South Africa, and the company’s close relationship with the agricultural industry and NAMPO in particular since the shows inception.

As the leading global brand in the diesel engine space, Shell has been recognised as the Global Leader in Lubricants for the 11th consecutive year, in addition to the prestigious recognition by John Deere as its global supplier of the year.

Niemann expounds on the fact that although all lubricant manufacturers claims to have the most superior product, he admits that although each may have their relevance in the market, he believes that the winning recipe to success lies in the sales person one places in front of the client.

“My belief is that commercial success begins with a relationship built on trust,” he explains. “A relationship based on trust extends further with the customer trusting the product and offering, the staff and the brand. Moreover, we instil these skills and mind-set to our distributors as well, ensuring that they grow their markets while further emphasising the ethos that Shell customers receive the best product from the best team.”

Shell’s Rimula range of products for the agriculture sector are designed to grow profitability in the sector, and as the demand for food increases, it will become exceedingly crucial for farmers to save time whilst reducing the total cost of ownership. By working together, Shell is able to supply smarter lubrication solutions through its Technical department via various service offerings, including a Technical Helpdesk, Lube Match, LubeExpert, lubrication surveys, etc, delivered through highly trained Shell technical staff consisting of office-based technical helpdesks and field-based lubrication engineers. All of this Shell make available to their customers to ensure that the business of the farmer continues to flourish for decades to come.

The Shell Technical helpdesk can be reached on:  +27(0)11 996 7444 or