Promoting sustainable agriculture through advanced biostimulants : SICIT

Biostimulants effects

Nowadays, agriculture faces the great challenge of meeting the growing demand for greater crop productivity with reduced inputs. As the world’s population and demand for food continue to increase, the imperative to “grow more with less” has never been more pressing, underscoring the need for agricultural solutions that optimize efficiency and sustainability.

Biostimulants: maximizing agricultural efficiency

Biostimulants play a fundamental role in this agricultural transformation, offering tailored solutions to improve crop performance while minimizing the input of resources. SICIT biostimulants help increase the effectiveness of fertilizers and agrochemicals, thus promoting sustainable agricultural practices. By harnessing the benefits of biostimulants, farmers can achieve higher yields using fewer resources, in line with the global imperative to produce more food with less land and inputs.

Different origins, unique advantages

Biostimulants come from different sources, each with its own composition and unique benefits. Biostimulants based on amino acids and peptides of animal origin have always been the key element of the SICIT product range, thanks to their proven effectiveness.

Recent innovations have introduced seaweed and plant extracts, offering new pathways to improve crop performance. Seaweed extracts are produced through a hybrid hydrolysis process which ensures maximum extraction of bioactives while preventing their degradation. The plant extracts are produced from Moringa biomass derived from specialized low-input industrial crops. The fresh biomass is processed immediately after harvesting through a patented extraction method. The final extract is rich in oligosaccharides, polyphenols, salicylic acid, small peptides and growth-stimulating molecules


SICIT: a long success story

With a history spanning over sixty years since its inception in 1960, SICIT has been a driving force in agricultural innovation. Our partnerships with national and multinational companies in more than 70 countries have allowed us to extend our reach and impact around the world. Our partnerships with industry leaders ensure that our biostimulants reach farmers through trusted channels, enabling them to improve their farming practices in a sustainable way.

Promoting sustainable agriculture for the future

Looking to the future, SICIT remains faithful to its commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture through innovation and collaboration. By continuing to develop and promote biostimulatory solutions, we aim to enable farmers to meet the challenges of feeding a growing population while safeguarding our planet’s resources. With a focus on excellence and sustainability, SICIT continues to drive positive change in the agricultural sector, shaping a more resilient and prosperous future for farming communities around the world.


Empowering African farmers for a better future

Africa is characterized by the presence of various environmental stresses, mainly caused by loose soils, organic matter mineralization and water stress.

By harnessing the power of biostimulants, SICIT enables African farmers to increase yields, improve food quality and mitigate the impact of environmental stressors. With a focus on sustainability and excellence, SICIT is at the forefront of agricultural innovation, paving the way for a prosperous future for African agriculture.