Leading Specialty Fertilizer producer Van Iperen expands in the United States


One of the world’s leading specialty fertilizer producers, the Dutch company Van Iperen International, which works exclusively with Milliken’s Liquitint Agro colorants in its NPK high quality fertilizer formulations, is now fully operational with its subsidiary in the United States.Van Iperen America is based in Miami, Florida to strengthen the company’s presence in the U.S. and further support customers across the United States, Central and South America.

‘Our roots go deep in the fertilizer business and we are thrilled to provide our world-wide crop experience and top-quality Specialty Fertilizers to the US and Latin American markets,” said Erik van den Bergh Managing Director Van Iperen International. “We combine pioneering technology with our solid expertise and, as part of this, offer a broad range of Liquitint Agro colored formulations that provide distributors with a great opportunity to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace, with tailor made colors for tailor made NPK formulas.”

From Nutrition to Biostimulation, and the two combined, Van Iperen offers an unparalleled range of Specialty Fertilizers for fertigation and foliar application, developing solutions that help farmers to grow more sustainable crops, profitable even under challenging climatic conditions.

When color is used, Van Iperen only works with Milliken’s Liquitint Agro colorants, a non-staining technology, representing a major breakthrough in the use of color within the agricultural sector. They provide high chemical stability and easy handling offering improved shelf life and coverage — all the while addressing environmental concerns by not using any heavy metals.

“Liquitint Agro colorants make it possible to blend thousands of colors from across the spectrum on demand from only three liquid primary colorants held in inventory,” said Steven Spanhove, Senior Sales Director Milliken Europe. “And this ease of blendability without staining helps formulators address the growing customer demand for color in fertilizers, where we are seeing a trend that deeper and brighter colors represent quality, as well as the preference towards natural and earthy reds, blues and greens.”

From the manufacturer to the farmer, there is a growing recognition that color can play a significant, and highly beneficial, role in fertilizer formulations, seed treatment and crop protection. Already sold in more than 100 countries, Van Iperen offers now to the distributors and growers in the United States their high quality Specialty Fertilizers.