Optimism in Agribusiness boots Agrishow 2019


Optimistic projections for the upcoming harvest and definition of the ministers of the Bolsonaro government stimulate exhibitors, who have already reserved 90% of the total area of the fair.

Brazilian agribusiness has been collecting a lot of good news in recent months. In addition to optimistic projections for the next harvest – grain planted area is expected to grow for the ninth consecutive year and machine sales estimates have been exceeded – the main leaders of the segment have received very well the definition of ministers related to the area of agribusiness of the future Bolsonaro government. This appeasement of expectations regarding the next government has reduced tensions, which is good for business. “The positive point about next year can be summed up in the rescue of the word trust”, states rural marketing strategist José Luiz Tejon, an advertiser, journalist and master in education.

For the consultant and columnist of the Agrishow Digital portal, the restoration of trust for agribusiness is fundamental, since it has a natural competence. “The vocation for entrepreneurship and cooperativism in Brazilian agriculture has already been proven. With confidence restored, the segment is able to perform well its role as the most important actor in guaranteeing the world’s food security”, concludes Tejon. The good perspectives of the agribusiness have stimulated the adhesion of the companies to Agrishow 2019, so that with a little more than four months to open the fair, 90% of the exhibition spaces are already reserved by companies.

Thanks to this good moment, the organizers of the fair believe that the 26th Agrishow, scheduled for the end of April, will be one of the biggest in its history. According to the evaluation of the executive director of Agrishow, Liliane Bortoluci, in preliminary consultations with the traditional exhibitors, everyone’s perception is that there will be a historical record in the sales of machinery, implements, vehicles and inputs, as a result of the confidence and general business recovery environment that has settled in Brazil more recently. In addition to this optimism, there are positive predictions about the next harvest of grains.