New S7 combine harvester

John Deere has introduced the new S7 combine harvester in the USA. It features a new cab, new design and naming, and built-in precision farming features.


The new S7 models also offer a wide range of technologies that are said to have proven successful in the John Deere X9 combines. The nine-liter JD9X engine is used in the S7 700. The S7 800, S7 850 and S7 900 models are equipped with the 13.6 liter JD14X engine.

The new S7 uses the X9 straw management system to increase the efficiency of the machine. The S7’s unloading auger is equipped with an adjustable spout to make trailer filling easier. The S7 combines offer advanced harvest automation through optional technology packages, according to John Deere. Five internal combine settings are automatically adjusted during harvest based on measurements of grain losses, stocking and broken grain limits. Also new is the predictive automation of driving speed. This system records the condition of the crop using various information, including biomass satellite maps, and automatically adjusts the driving speed. In addition, cameras record the height of the inventory and areas with stored grain in order to automatically further adjust the driving speed in real time.

The new cabin – the same as in the X9 – is equipped with the G5Plus CommandCenter. In addition, a new corner post display improves the operation of the machine. The integrated StarFire receiver ensures a tracking accuracy of 2.5 centimeters.