Nampo’s real success lies in partnerships


Grain SA’s 56th NAMPO Harvest Day, which was presented from 14-17 May 2024 on NAMPO Park just outside Bothaville, is considered a great success by all accounts. A record number of 86,474 visitors over the four days – as well as 865 exhibitors – confirms the trade fair’s popularity among farmers, exhibitors, opinion makers and everyone in society who has a heart for agriculture.

“It is a great privilege for Grain SA to host NAMPO. The real success of NAMPO is about the close partnerships and collaborations we establish in the industry – such as producers who have stronger partnerships with their suppliers and customers and who can make better plans to do even better next year,” said Dr Tobias Doyer after his first NAMPO as CEO of Grain SA.

A new record attendance on a single day in a normal year was recorded this year on Wednesday, 15 May, with 25,505 visitors. Thursday’s attendance was a short head behind the previous day with 24,021 visitors, while the Tuesday and Friday each received good traction. NAMPO Park’s airfield hosted 290 fixed-wing aircraft and 82 helicopters during the show days.

“A noticeable calm prevailed at NAMPO Park throughout the week, and everything flowed as it should without any serious incidents on the park. We were blessed with a good NAMPO,” said Dr Dirk Strydom from Grain SA and main organiser of NAMPO. “With lovely sunny weather, it was the warmest NAMPO in years, which certainly also contributed to the good attendance,” he added.

Danie Minnaar, chairman of Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day Committee, says the feedback he has received from exhibitors is that they are very satisfied with the business conducted at NAMPO. He is also satisfied that visitors had the opportunity to fully experience NAMPO. “The overall friendliness and spontaneity of exhibitors and visitors that you noticed everywhere on the site was just nice,” he said.

The Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Thoko Didiza, paid a quick visit to NAMPO on Wednesday, May 15. As usual, Minister Didiza had a few key conversations with partners, but above all thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality and atmosphere of the NAMPO Harvest Day.

NAMPO – A national asset

“NAMPO is a national asset in which the entire agricultural sector participates. It’s a wonderful opportunity where leaders can rub shoulders and build relationships that will carry us through the next year’s decision-making and work together to make agriculture successful as a whole,” Doyer continued.

“Producers must be focused all the time because there is little room to stumble. After a challenging production season and with a national election imminent, NAMPO helps create an atmosphere of optimism, but with realistic plans to carry it out.

“This year’s NAMPO theme, Agriculture in a digital era, has come into its own, because agriculture is at a turning point of great things to come. I am amazed at what producers today have at their disposal to control matters at production level – from genetic and chemical technology to an immense amount of data thanks to the automation of agriculture.”

Stay tuned
The NAMPO app, which gave visitors the opportunity to search for exhibitors, navigate to stalls and research products and special offers, will be live from 1 July with relevant exhibitor information, as well as virtual tours of the 2024 NAMPO exhibitors.

NAMPO Cape & ALFA next
Grain SA is further looking forward to NAMPO Cape which will be presented at Bredasdorp from 11-14 September and NAMPO ALFA, the Livestock, Hunting & Outdoor expo which will be presented from 17-19 October at NAMPO Park. Come enjoy and use NAMPO; it is nice if you come and farm with us on this site.

2025 NAMPO Harvest Day
NAMPO’s dates for next year have been set for 13 – 16 May 2025 at NAMPO Park, outside Bothaville. Visit for more information or follow us on social media platforms