Ghana’s Complete Farmer to expand operations to Ivory Coast



Ghana’s agri-tech startup Complete Farmer is set to expand operations to Ivory Coast this year. This, according to press reports, will be while the company continues to build its consumer net through the launch of a mobile application.

Founded in 2017, the start-up aims to ensure food security in Ghana while allowing users to earn money from remote farming. The innovation also enables users to sponsor farm managers and monitor progress from the comfort of their homes while earning returns after harvest. Meanwhile, Complete Farmer sells produce to purchasers.

Complete Farmer is looking to expand its operations to Ivory Coast by the fourth quarter of this year. According to media reports, this will enable it to grow crops that thrive in specific regions of Africa. Moreover, as the crops menu increases, Complete Farmer will also increase its database on patented crop cultivation protocols by gathering more data through the extension of its field sensory networks for specific crop species.

The expansion will begin with some pilot projects in Ivory Coast to gain a good understanding of farming conditions in the country. Complete Farmer will also be exploring other countries in other regions of Africa.

Meanwhile, the startup is also working on a mobile application which is expected to further simplify the farming experience for users. The app will incorporate a host of features, including a chatbot for faster customer service and social media integration to enable users to share photos and videos of their farms.

Complete Farmer CEO Desmond Koney said that they project to reach 90% yield expectation with the new technologies. This, he says, is towards making farming a fun and rewarding lifestyle. He further added that Complete Farmer has started hiring talents to position the company amongst the likes of global giants and to get the whole world farming from the comfort of their homes.