Albertinia Ingenieurswerke unveils revolutionary AI 270M muck spreader for precision farming


Albertinia Ingenieurswerke, a leading innovator in agricultural machinery, proudly introduces the AI 270M muck spreader, a groundbreaking implement engineered to redefine efficiency and precision in manure spreading.

Developed by the visionary team at Albertinia Ingenieurswerke, based in Albertinia near Mossel Bay, this cutting-edge equipment promises to revolutionise agricultural practices, particularly in terrain-challenged regions.

The AI 270M muck spreader boasts unparalleled features designed to optimise productivity and accuracy on the field. With a capacity to load and spread up to 27 cubic meters of manure per load, farmers can now save precious time and fuel resources. Its exceptional spreading width of up to 20 meters makes it an ideal choice for precision farming, ensuring even distribution even on extreme slopes.

An important feature of the AI 270M is its utilisation of load cells for enhanced precision and calibration. These load cells dynamically adjust the density of the contents during operation, guaranteeing precise application of manure with every pass. Unlike its competitors, the AI 270M’s high-torque hydraulic motor powers a unique single-chain system (and dual spinners), eliminating the need for a transmission and enhancing resistance against damage from debris like stones.

Furthermore, the AI 270M seamlessly integrates with tractors via ISOBUS, enabling intuitive control from the tractor’s panel and facilitating quick and easy calibration. Designed with durability and accessibility in mind, this state-of-the-art spreader is manufactured from thick, high-quality steel, uses a reinforced chassis, and runs on extra-large flotation tires. Maintenance and repairs are made simple, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity on the farm.

Speaking about the innovation, Odendaal Koen, the owner, and chief engineer of Albertinia Ingenieurswerke, emphasised the company’s commitment to providing exceptional value for money by selling products directly to customers. Koen affirmed his dedication to customer satisfaction, stating, “We prioritise direct sales to ensure the best possible service and support. Whether it’s repairs or maintenance, our team is readily available to assist, guaranteeing the utmost reliability and efficiency of our equipment.”

Koen also gave credit to CD du Toit, a successful local farmer who has played a pivotal role in the development and testing of the AI 270M.

The AI 270M Muck Spreader is available at competitive prices, with sales prices starting at R1,6 million without VAT and R1,84 million with VAT included. Compared to similar imported machines, the AI 270M offers significant cost savings, with readily available parts and no special orders or imports required.

For farmers seeking versatility, the AI 135 multi-purpose spreader is also available, priced at R900 000 without VAT and R1,035 million with VAT included.

For more information about the AI 270M muck spreader and other innovative solutions from Albertinia Ingenieurswerke, please visit or contact the team directly at+27 28 735 1471.